About Us

About Us

A while back, when I owned a hair salon I came upon the fact that my hometown did not provide wig services.  I had just received the news my mom had cancer and she would have to go through chemotherapy. I was looking for a wig for her and could not find anything in my hometown. Since I had been in the hair industry for some years I realized there was a real local need for good quality wigs that provided a good selection in current colors trends and styles. Within the next few months, I started selling wigs as an addition to my regular hair services. I  volunteered my time with the local Cancer office, which provided free wigs to cancer patients and got involved with the Look Good Feel Better Program, which also helped women going through chemotherapy.

I then realized that not all towns were able to provide this service to women. Many women are afflicted with hair loss due to chemotherapy, due to the side effect of some medications, alopecia or even trichotillomania. So, I decided to provide an online service in addition to my brick and mortar business. I looked at what other online wig business were doing and realized that something was missing. I wanted to go beyond what other websites were doing. So, thanks to some very experienced and knowledgeable people in website design I was able to redesign my website where customers are now able to get a more “personalized” service. I can use tools such as video calling, online chat, email and even the traditional phone call to determine what your needs are and make recommendations tailored specifically for you.

During the process of helping women with their hair loss issue, I also discovered that many women, although they did not have a hair loss problem, loved to wear wigs for the convenience of “getting ready in an instant”. Wigs are great for the days you are having a bad “hair day” or simply running out of time to do your hair. Other women loved to experience different hairstyles but do not want to commit to either cut or grow their hair. Sometime women would like a new hair color but are not sure if this is something they want to permanently change. In these cases, wigs are a perfect temporary solution. They are so much fun and non-committing.  I own quite a few wigs and wear wigs that suit my clothing style of the day. I can be trendy or classic, bohemian or business-like with any wig I wear.

I have been doing wig services for over 15 years and only deal with suppliers who provide quality workmanship. I have eliminated some suppliers that sometimes had “cheaper” wigs but did not live up to my standards. I know that losing your hair is a difficult thing to accept. But if I could help make this dramatic event a little less stressful and provide my clients with a sense of dignity and self-assurance during these difficult times, than I have done my job. And for the ladies that would like to wear wigs, “just for fun”, join me on this exciting adventure.


“No matter what your NEEDS or WANTS are, I am here to HELP”



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